Getting The Right Lawyer For Your Civil Case

If you have a civil case pending in the local court system, it is essential that you go into the trail prepared. Hiring a lawyer that has experience with civil litigation can make a significant difference in the outcome of the case, so take the time to find the right lawyer to represent you.  Civil Trials A civil trial is a little different from a criminal case. In civil court cases, the dispute is typically over money. [Read More]

Why Do People Say ______ About A DWI?

A drink too many with the coworkers at the bar, a run for more ice in the middle of a superbowl party even though you've had a few beers, or maybe even an extra glass of wine at dinner—all of these situations can land you right in the middle of a DWI charge. People talk a lot about DWI charges, and you may really want to pay attention to what people say. [Read More]

Turning The Page On Your Financial Situation

Many people are familiar with the terms "chapter 7" or "chapter 13," when it comes to bankruptcy filings. There are actually several different choices, when it comes to taking advantage of the bankruptcy code numbers to create your own fresh start. Chapter 7: The liquidation bankruptcy – When you hear that a friend or family member is declaring bankruptcy, you might automatically assume they are declaring chapter 7. This form of bankruptcy is popular for a good reason – it automatically resolves a debtor of most debts and allows a true fresh start. [Read More]

Defeating A Traffic Camera Ticket: Is It Even Possible? (Hint: Yes!)

A traffic ticket isn't just a hassle — it's a real problem. As expensive as a ticket may be on the surface, the cost gets even worse when you factor in the amount your insurance premiums are going to be raised over the next several years. In addition, the points you get on your driver's license can add up and put you in danger of a suspension very quickly. Fighting a traffic citation when it's your word against a police officer's that you slid through a stop sign or ran a red light is one thing, but how do you fight a ticket that was issued because a red-light camera or speed camera snapped a photo of your car in violation of the law? [Read More]