Resolving Estate Disputes

Handling the affairs of a deceased loved one's estate can be a major responsibility for a person to have. Unfortunately, disputes that arise during the course of resolving matters of a person's estate can be difficult for the survivors to amicably resolve among themselves. This can lead to the potential for significant litigation being required, and being prepared for this eventuality can help individuals to navigate the difficult process of distributing their loved one's assets and possessions. [Read More]

What A Divorce Lawyer Recommends When Leaving Your Income-Earning Spouse

Nothing is harder than divorcing a spouse who makes all the money and controls the family's bank accounts. But it's possible, so if the dissolution of your marriage has been long overdue, don't shy away from making the big leap because of your financial fears.  As you know, matrimonial wealth is split accordingly between two spouses when they decide to divorce. So, while they are the income-earner, your contribution to the growth of the businesses will be considered, and you'll receive your share. [Read More]

Are Nonmotorized Vehicles Safe From OVI Charges?

It's commonly believed a person can't be charged with an OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) if they're using a nonmotorized vehicle, such as a bicycle when they're pulled over. However, many states have expanded their OVI and DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws to include conveyances that aren't cars, trucks, boats, or planes. If you're hit with an OVI for operating a nonmotorized vehicle while intoxicated, here's what you need to know to help you defend yourself in court. [Read More]

3 Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Will Hasten Your Recovery Process

Avoiding a car crash may be difficult, especially if reckless individuals continue using the roads. The bad news about these incidents is that they come with several expenses—such as medical bills and destroyed property—which accumulate very fast. If you're involved in a collision, it's advisable to seek a car accident attorney to minimize your stress and focus on your recovery. Here are three ways these attorneys will help you recover quickly. [Read More]